MommyTummy/ Diastasis Recti

MommyTummy and Diastasis Recti Treatment

The MommyTummy class is designed for moms who want to improve their core strength once the little one arrives.  Through a series of individualized abdominal, back, and leg exercises, clients will improve their muscle tone and burn away the belly fat.

As physical therapists, we are also skilled in the treatment of Diastasis Recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles into right and left halves. In pregnancy, the growing uterus causes stretching of the rectus abdominus muscle.  If the force is great enough the linea alba, or tissue that connects the two halves of the muscle, can split thus causing the condition .   Diastasis Recti, if untreated, can lead to low back pain and a bulging belly.

Studies have shown that proper core strengthening with the right exercises can greatly reduce the effects of Diastasis Recti and help draw the two halves of the abdominal muscles back together.