What Clients Say

  • I had a major shoulder injury that required extensive surgery, and my doctor recommended Robin as my PT.  She came to my office and treated me there, which was helpful due to my schedule.  Robin was knowledgeable, friendly, and pushed me to reach my potential.  I can happily say that after a few months of rehab, I am back to all of my activities and athletics, and I feel fantastic.  I definitely recommend Robin for physical therapy!!

    Steve Burke, CEO/ President of NBC Universal

  • Robin worked on my frozen shoulder with a great outcome. She was insightful, flexible and very knowledgeable, and knew how to get results. Robin is great to work with and I highly recommend her!

    Josh Sapan, President and CEO of AMC Networks

  • Robin really knows what she is doing, both in formal physical therapy training and in practical sports applications. Every workout is different, keeping it interesting, and maximizing results. Our time together started with rehab after knee surgery, but has evolved to regular general training. I have worked with a lot of trainers over time, and she is a star.

    David D., Wealth Management

  • I saw Robin for Physical Therapy after an ankle injury — torn ligament and severe sprain. During my rehab we talked about my athletic goals and my wanting to get back to shape for competitive golf in the Spring. We moved seamlessly from the physical therapy into a personal training regimen and I’m back on the course and undefeated in matches this season. Plus we had fun doing it!

    J.D.F., Producer/Investor at True Love Productions

  • I have had a history of major problems with my balance, having been hospitalized for falls on several occasions. Based on high recommendations from orthopedic surgeons at the Hospital for Special Surgery, I began receiving physical therapy from Robin Reiter two years ago. My sessions with Ms. Reiter have resulted in enormous improvement of my balance so that I no longer consider falling as a likely event in my life. The physical therapy has greatly increased my muscle strength as well. Ms. Reiter is a very professional person and it has been a great pleasure working with her.

    Paul Greengard, Neuroscientist at Rockefeller University

  • I trained with Robin for several months preceding double knee replacement surgery. My quick recovery from the surgery was in large measure due to the strengthening work Robin and I did previous to the surgery. I worked with her in my rehab and continue to use her as my personal trainer. She’s the best!!!

    Jim Johnson, Philanthropist